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Day Time Nanny


We understand that some clients do not have the luxury to have an additional room for the

Confinement Nanny or  they are not comfortable to have another  stranger in their house  which is why Bumble Bee Homecare try to also offer Part Time or Day Time Confinement Nanny Service .

Be it day time Confinement Nanny, part time confinement lady, or stay out confinement lady, they are all the same. Day time confinement nanny role is similar to Stay In Confinement Nanny except they will be at your home from 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm. 

Staying  Out Confinement Nanny pool are very relatively small as they need pay for their own accommodation. Typical house owner would not rent to anyone with short period of stay as it would be more profitable  to rent out to someone who is staying permanently. This is the major reason why there are not many part time confinement nanny in the market. Stay Out Nanny might have children, sibling, relative or friend that have place for them to stay. However, this accommodation does not come free. They would still need to pay for the rent. Apart from that, they also need to take bus and MRT to your place. All these come with a cost. So, do not be surprised that day time confinement nanny charge is same or more expensive than Stay In Nanny.

Most client prefer Stay Out Nanny for few reasons. Mainly due to not having extra room in the house for nanny. Secondly, client who emphasis on their privacy often opt for this option.

The trade off of engaging day time confinement nanny would be, you would need to take care of your baby feeds in the middle of midnight. It will not be an easy task especially when you just back from labour. Thus , it is encourage to have a live in experience  confinement Nanny to help especially if you are a 1st time mother. 

Don’t forget, whether they are Stay-In or Stay Out Nanny, they are still the same where you would need to give confinement nanny red packet in and out on the first and last day.

If you need any Stay-Out Confinement Nanny, please do not hesitate to contact us @ 88289086


Note: As mentioned beforehand, Stay-Out Nanny pool is really limited, therefore please engage us ASAP in order you to secure your nanny as we are one of the few confinement nanny agency that provide this service.

Once baby reach almost reach 112 days (16 weeks), if you still feel you like the confinement Nanny& like to continue engaging her services, you can talk to us to convert the confinement lady work permit to a  babysitter work permit.


Remember to cover your nanny with confinement nanny insurance throughout her stay with you. By Singapore law, you are liable up to $15,000 hospitalization bill if unfortunate things do happen.

However not all the task repeated daily. The hardest part is staying awake at midnight to ensure baby is well-taken care off so that Mummy & Daddy can have good rest. All will be taken care so that Daddy also can spend more quality time with family during 2 weeks entitled Maternity to leave.


The first week, mummy will be very exhausted after giving birth and have a mobility issue. Nanny will teach Mummy & Daddy on how to take care of baby second week onward so that they can be independent after she leave. Without realizing, Nanny becomes part of your family. Although only serving 28 days, Nanny will be there with you to go through the busy time of baby Full Month or Baby Shower. It is because Nanny only starts work on the third day after baby born (discharge day). At 28th day 12 noon after getting final payment and confinement nanny red packet, Nanny will leave with sad feeling as there is an emotional attachment to Baby, Mummy & Daddy. Nanny will then go back to spend her time with family and have good rest before serving the next family. 

This 28 days cycle will be repeated multiple times a year, even during Chinese New Year. Confinement nanny agency like us will arrange as many job as they would like to work. Aunty also aimed to provide the best service for each family so that they can get good confinement lady review from you.


Aunty will get her confinement nanny permit from agency or customer (employer) so that she can freely go out of your home to buy grocery. Aunty do not have work permit card, so the permit paper is like their work permit card in Singapore. If last minute you would like the aunty to work more days, then remember to perform confinement nanny work permit extension. After that, need to extend confinement nanny visit pass so that aunty will not be penalized when going back to Malaysia by Woodland & Tuas Checkpoint. A lot of mummies mistaken work permit and social visit pass. In actual MOM govern work permit while ICA govern the social visit pass. Aunty can only stay based on the number of days permitted by ICA in their social visit pass or white card.

If aunty would like to go back before the permit expiry date, you can cancel confinement nanny work permit so that you will not be charged by MOM on the levy.

Lastly remember to pay confinement nanny levy after confinement end. It costs about $60 for Singapore citizen while non Singaporean would be $300.

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